Roberto Orci Talks New Transformers Animated Series

“It’s not really a reboot, it’s sort of a continuation of it [Transformers Prime] in a tonally different form,” Orci said. “We want to make sure we’re servicing the right audiences. We got to do a very adult version of Transformers that you just saw in this cartoon, a very sophisticated one, and we also want to make sure we don’t leave other kids behind, who love Transformers too and don’t want to be as scared as Transformers Prime could make you, that kind of thing. So we’re going to have a good parallel series that is connected, but it’s a little more friendly to the family.”

When asked if the events of Transformers Prime would carry over into the new series, Orci revealed they’re discussing that now. “I’d love to have as much continuity as possible, and that’s part of what’s been fun about being a part of the Transformers universe since we jumped on the movies. It’s trying to take all the research and all the things that they have — giant bibles and binders of Transformers iterations. So we always tried to thread the needle as best we could of taking their best, favorite stories and kind of putting them in some order that was consistent. That’s always our goal.”

Orci also revealed that the voice actors from “Prime” will likely carry over into the new series, including fan favorites Peter Cullen and Frank Welker.

There’s no official word on when this new Transformers animated series will air or what it is titled, but check back here for all the details on it in the future.