Comic-Con: Gareth Edwards Talks Godzilla!

In anticipation of the panel tomorrow morning, our very own spoke with Godzilla director Gareth Edwards about the upcoming film. Here’s an excerpt:

Shock:  When a guy like you – from an indie background – comes aboard a property like this, how much of your personality is able to shine through?
Edwards:  Not many people have seen Monsters, but if anyone who did see it and liked it and came to see Godzilla, I hope when they left they’d say, I can tell it’s the same filmmaker.  When we did Monsters, I was doing all of the visual FX myself so there was a limit to how many creatures I can show, to the benefit of the film.  Godzilla, I don’t have that limitation and will be a lot more epic.  But it was really important to me, at the heart of this film, there were characters we cared about.  We tried to find the right story and path through this Godzilla universe where the characters were connected to the events in the movie where it didn’t feel forced and would also get you to the places in the story you wanted to experience.  They were tagged on but embedded in the journey of the movie.  I’m really pleased with what we came up with.  A lot of the actors, I think, got on board because they had an emotional connection with the people which was one of the goals when we set out to do this.
You can read the full interview, which covers such topics as the atomic breath, the design, Frank Darabont and more, by clicking here!
Don’t forget that the Warner Bros. Panel at San Diego Comic-Con will begin tomorrow morning at 10:45 Pacific/1:45 EST, and we will be in attendance! Check back here for live updates from Hall H.