Kevin Feige Talks Marvel Studios Contract

“My contract negotiations are not nearly as exciting as Mr. Downey’s. I’m here for a while, certainly through Phase Two.”

When asked if he could see himself still running Marvel Studios in five years, he replied:

“I don’t know, the truth of the matter is, I always sort of set a goal or set a horizon line and look towards that. Then say, “Once I get to that horizon line I will see where we stand.”  For a long time it was X-Men 2 and then for a long time it was Iron Man and Incredible Hulk – are we going to be a studio by then or not?  Is it going to work or is it not?  Then it was Avengers, now it’s Avengers 2.  So, two years after that, three years after that, I can’t even begin to guess.” 

In our exclusive interview with Feige, he spoke about their plans for Phase 3 and beyond. You can read that by clicking here.