McFarlane Toys Show Off New The Walking Dead Statue

As Toy Fair kicks off this week, you can expect a lot of posts about upcoming toys and collectibles. As a part of their showcase, McFarlane Toys has revealed a brand new, high-quality statue of the character Michonne from The Walking Dead. The statue is limited to 1500 pieces and will be available this fall. Read the press release and check out the photos below.

The meticulous sculpted and hand painted statue, captures Michonne,  the woman transformed by pain and loss,  as she is thrust into the role of a badass zombie warrior, as she battles endless hordes of flesh-eaters in an unforgiving post-apocalyptic world. 
The beautifully-detailed piece shows fan-favorite Michonne doing what she does best, killing walkers with not one, but two swords! The statue stands approximately 14.5 inches high and comes with a 360 degree rotating, highly-detailed gory base, so you can view the gruesome action at every angle!  This statue is limited to no more than 1,500 pieces, with each sequentially numbered piece being hand-signed by The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman. As an added bonus, each box will include a Certificate of Authenticity signed by Todd McFarlane.
“Obviously, the sculpting team at McFarlane really outdid themselves. I think this is a really remarkable piece of art,” says “The Walking Dead” Creator Robert Kirkman. “Michonne is a very cool character – she’s definitely the most action-oriented character from the series, and I really liked the idea of letting the McFarlane team run wild, and do their own take on Michonne.”
The limited-edition statue retails at $295 with FREE Shipping (only available in US and Canada). Preordering begins at Noon (Eastern Standard Time) on Monday, February 11, 2013. United States and Canada residents can preorder their statues exclusively on the McFARLANE TOYS ONLINE STORE 
With acute attention to every decaying detail the Michonne statue was created, developed and designed by Todd McFarlane and his award-winning McFarlane Toys design group, in conjunction with Robert Kirkman and Skybound Entertainment.