Christian Bale Calls a Young Leukemia Patient

A few months ago, we reported on Christian Bale’s generosity toward a young boy with leukemia and we’ve learned that he has continued this by calling and chatting with another young leukemia patient.

Eight-year-old Zach is a Batman fanatic and he spoke at length with Bale about his love for the character. Zach told Bale about his very own Batmobile that he and his family built, his “almost real” Batman costume, along with how he’s convinced his brother that he actually is Batman. You can watch their conversation in the video below.

Bale says it best in their conversation when he sums up the theme of Christopher Nolan’s film series–“The whole point of the movie is anybody can be Batman. Anybody can be as strong as that and help people and put good out into the world”–and he’s really living up to that.

You can follow Zach’s journey and see all of his pictures of his Batman costume (among other heroes) at his Facebook page, ZachAttacksLeukemia.