Documentary on the Making of Axe Cop on its Way

When the webcomic Axe Cop was created in 2009 by Ethan Nicolle and his five year old brother Malachi, they never imagined it would take off like it has. Now with a successful comic from Dark Horse and an animated TV series on the way, people want to know the story behind the series. Lucky for us, someone approached Nicolle in 2010 about documenting the series’ rise and the journey with Axe Cop.

Two years worth of footage is now ready to be chopped and scored into a feature length film detailing the creation and rise of Axe Cop titled Axe Cop Doc: The Official Documentary of Axe Cop. The filmmakers, however, need help. Nicolle and friend Nancy Oey have brought all this together in a Kickstarter campaign that, if funded, would see the film totally edited with added animation sequences and original music. The filmmakers plan on releasing the film to coincide with the July 2013 premiere of the Axe Cop animated series on Fox. 

You can check out their Kickstarter campaign and donate to it by clicking here, and don’t forget to check out their pitch reel below.