Comics: The Last Marvel NOW! Teaser

When Marvel NOW! was first announced, the main selling point was that between November of 2012 and February of 2013 each week would see the release of at least one new Marvel comic book. At the last count, the number of revealed Marvel NOW! comics was 24 and this last one pushes it to 25. 

The folks at Newsarama were given the teaser image and though it might seem obvious, it’s far from it.

The new series will be writen by Cullen Bunn with Will Sliney serving as the artist and it’s simple ‘Fearless’ teaser would lead you to believe it’s Daredevil right? Wrong. Marvel confirmed many months ago that Mark Waid would remain on that series and it would not be relaunching. What could it be though?

The site speculates it might be a continuation of the Fear Itself: The Fearless mini-series that was penned by Bunn. That could be it, but based on the color of the font we’re going to guess War Machine or maybe Magneto.

What comic do you think this is teasing at? Check back next week when we have the official reveal.