Comics: Marvel Announces the Savage Wolverine

Last week, Marvel teased a new series for their Marvel NOW! initiative that even Matt Murdock could figure out was for an upcoming Wolverine series. They’ve now confirmed that the title is Savage Wolverine with Frank Cho writing and drawing. Marvel also posted a Q&A with the writer-artist about the upcoming title.

“This isn’t just a solo Wolverine story. It’s actually a team-up story with Shanna the She-Devil. Both Wolverine and Shanna have similar assertive personalities. The story is not just a quest to get home; it’s a story about surviving each other’s company and the Savage Land,” he said.
Cho is well known for having done a Shanna the She-Devil mini-series a few years ago, and he’s hoping to meld that into this new series. “I didn’t deviate too far from my original take of Shanna from nine years ago. Shanna is still abrasive, scrappy and confident. She knows how to take care of herself. Since Indiana Jones was my main inspiration for this story, I naturally envisioned Shanna as Marion Ravenwood to Wolverine’s Indiana Jones.”
The title launches in January of 2013 and you can check out the cover to the first issue below.