Comics: Dan Slott is Superior for Marvel NOW!

Three weeks ago we got the most cryptic Marvel NOW! teaser that we’ve seen, and now we’ve got a few more pieces for the puzzle. Coming from USA Today, we can see that the ‘Superior’ teaser now has a creative team attached, but what does it all mean?

When the teaser was intially released, Marvel said that “the writer of the most shocking comic book of 2012” will be on the comic and it will “lead into Marvel’s biggest new launch of 2013.” If you guessed Dan Slott as that writer then give yourself a pat on the back. Slott will be writing the comic and he is joined by three artists:  Ryan Stegman, Humberto Ramos and Giuseppe Camuncoli.

What comic will it be? What we can decipher is that “the most shocking comic book of 2012” will be one of the upcoming final issues of The Amazing Spider-Man, of which Slott is the writer. Does this mean that we will be seeing a ‘Superior Spider-Man’ title in January of 2013? If we had to make a guess, we would say so. Stay tuned to SuperHeroHype for more details on the announcement, which will happen at next week’s New York Comic Con.