Manimal Creator Talks About the Upcoming Movie

“It was a very deliberate acquisition (by Sony), because they want family entertainment. So it will probably have more of the spirit of Spider-Man in terms of it having its tongue in its cheek and not being too dark and desperate. We’ll try to have some fun with it.”

When asked if they would use CGI instead of practical effects for the transformations, Larson said, “Oh yes, and that’s exactly why Sony came to us. It’s the animation arm of Sony that is doing it – not as an animated feature, but because they can do those transitions. [With the TV series] it was the problem of having to get one of those done every week. Now, with this current technology we could do a much better job, so I think it’ll be a number of rungs up the ladder in terms of quality and theatre, and we’ll be able to do more.”

Though it was kept a secret in the series, the source of Dr. Jonathan Chase’s power will be explored in the film, “I think we’ll probably get a little further into it – that was another factor of time, I didn’t have a lot of time to develop that. But we’ll play with that – we have a couple of things in mind.”

No talent is currently attached to the big-screen version, but check back for details as soon as they become available.