Will Drew Goddard Direct a Marvel Movie?

Shock:  Okay, so before we wrap up, let’s look at your Cabin co-creator Joss Whedon who is now in the sack with Marvel and apparently having a blast.  My question to you is this: Which Marvel character would you love to tackle?
Goddard:  [laughs]  What Marvel character would I not love to get on?  That’s an easier question to answer.  I would love any of it and I love Marvel, Joss and what they’re doing.  It’s all about finding the right fit.  Directing…in order to do your job right, you have to find ways to make it personal, and if we can find the right fit, then I would love to do it.
You can read the rest of their interview with him (you really should) by clicking here.
Which character would you like to see Goddard try out?