Joss Whedon Offers an Avengers Sequel Update

With Marvel’s The Avengers shattering box office records and set for release on DVD and Blu-ray on September 25, Joss Whedon is currently preparing the future of the Marvel Universe on both the big and small screen. In an interview today with The Huffington Post, the writer/director speaks out about the level of creative freedom he has heading into Marvel’s The Avengers 2.

“I think there’s a level of trust,” he says. “You know, Kevin Feige and I have always had mutual respect, and on the first movie he was very supportive. But there were definitely things where they were like, ‘Hmm, we don’t see that.’ And I think now Kevin’s in a place where it would be more like, ‘We don’t see it, but we think you do.”

Exactly how much leeway does that give Whedon? He answers that question with the namedrop of a fan-favorite superheroine who, sadly, probably won’t be appearing on the big screen anytime soon.

“[T]hat doesn’t mean they’re just going to roll over and I’m going to say, ‘Oh, it’s ‘Great Lakes Avengers’ and we’re going to get Squirrel Girl and you’re gonna love it,'” he continues. “You know, they need to believe. But all I want to do is make the movie that they want. And so it’s been great. We’re having that same kind of, ‘What if? Oh, and what if?’ And ‘I was thinking it would be funny … ooh ooh ooh.’ There’s definitely a level of earned trust, but as with any good studio head or producer, that doesn’t mean a free pass.”

Whedon’s latest, non-Marvel project, Much Ado About Nothing, was just picked up for distribution by Lionsgate for theatrical release in 2013.

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