Comics: Two New Marvel NOW! Teasers

Marvel has two more teasers for new series under Marvel NOW! for us today, and they’re easily the most vague we’ve seen of them all.

We’re pretty clueless about this first one, via CBR, but they speculate it’s a version of Secret Avengers or Secret Warriors, which sounds right to us but it also wouldn’t be an Earth-shattering suprise for that to be wrong. Could it also be something that is related to Dennis Hopeless’ other Marvel NOW! title that was teased yesterday? Whatever the title ends up being, Dennis Hopeless is writing the comic and Salvador Larroca will be drawing.

Then there is the second teaser from Comics Alliance. Could it be a villain-centric book? Or is it that team book The Punisher is supposed to be on? Sam Humprhies will be writing this one with Ron Garney on art duties.