Comics: X-Men Legacy is Here!

MTV Geek talked with writer Simon Spurrier about the project and provided a look at the cover for the first issue. They also announced that the lead character in the series will be none other than Charles Xavier’s son Legion!

“In the past the title has been principally preoccupied with Xavier, then Magneto, then Rogue… Now it’s David’s turn. The whole point of doing things this way is that we get a really unique perspective on the Marvel Universe in general and its mutanty side in particular. I tend to think things take on a richer, more truthful flavour when they’re being processed through a character’s direct filter, and it opens the door (or in David’s case, ha, doors) to a lot of interesting new stories.
…all of which is a slightly wanky and pompous way of saying this title’s a headstrong little bastard and it doesn’t always like to be team player. Think of Legacy as the black sheep of the X-family.
David’s story is very much a part of the X-Universe’s own developing yarn – it’s simply that he’s not going to be wearing a brightly coloured supersuit and having team-up banter. In fact, he’s very aware from the getgo that in a certain light the X-Men are kinda obliged to regard him as a villain.”
When asked what he could tease, he said: “Psychic insanity! Telepathic parasites! Golden Age characters! Multi-dimensional prison! Kirby krackles! Romance! Murder most foul! Parental Trauma! Classic villains! New villains! Sex! Drugs! Memetically altered rock music! Wraparound weirdness! Aliens! A bloody enormous crow! EVERYTHING EXPLODES!”

The series will be written by Spurrier and drawn by Tan Eng Huat and launches this November.