Comics: Rick Remender Talks Uncanny Avengers

It goes about three creative retreats back when I was having dinner with Jason Aaron and we were talking about our plans for UNCANNY X-FORCE and WOLVERINE AND THE X-MEN. We were also talking about Avengers Vs. X-Men and the fallout and things that were being thrown around and the idea came to me for an X-Men/Avengers mash-up thing. Given some of the things that are coming up in AvX it seemed to make a lot of sense.
So the next day we had the X-Retreat and I pitched it to Nick Lowe, and then the next day in the main retreat the idea started bubbling up in a few places and everybody seemed pretty down with it. But it sort of fizzled. And I think it was a phone call with Jason Aaron where he was like “But what about the Uncanny Avengers thing?” and I was like “Oh yeah! That’s a stupid thing to have forgotten.” I brought it back up at the next retreat and everybody really dug it.
There are some events at the end of AvX that I think naturally feed into something like this; sort of a healing book that would not just deal with the ramifications but with sort of a new flagship bridge between the two worlds that had been separated in their own little pockets for so long.
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