Comic-Con: Wonderland Graphic Novel Series Coming to Television

Lionsgate TV will be producing a television adaptation of the Zenescope “Alice in Wonderland” graphic novels, according to THR. The three comics “Return to Wonderland,” “Beyond Wonderland,” and “Escape from Wonderland” are all modern retellings of the Lewis Carroll story with Alice’s daughter taking the lead. The series was created and written by Zenescope co-founders Raven Gregory, Joe Brusha and Ralph Tedesco.

Brian Robbins of “Smallville” will executive produce the series and the search for a writer has begun. Robbins says that he’s looking for an experienced actress to play Alice with a relatively unknown actress playing her daughter. There’s no TV home yet for the series but Robbins thinks it would fit in well on broadcast of premium cable.

“There’s an opportunity to take something that has really great pre-awareness and spin it like we did with Smallville,” said Robbins.