Christopher Nolan Speaks From His Handprint Ceremony

This morning, Mann’s Chinese Theater in Hollywood, California was host to a special ceremony to commemorate the work of filmmaker Christopher Nolan whose latest, The Dark Knight Rises, is set to hit theaters later this month.

After an opening speech by director Michael Mann, Nolan was joined by cast members Christian Bale, Michael Caine, Anne Hathaway, Gary Oldman, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Morgan Freeman and many other creative partners (including his wife and producer, Emma Thomas and his brother and co-screenwriter, Jonathan Nolan). was on-hand for the event and managed to catch a brief word with Nolan at the tail end of the ceremony, pointing out that, for someone whose work has featured a recurring motif of permanent objects standing in as a barometer on reality (the Polaroids in Memento and the totems in Inception), it doesn’t get much more permanent than dried cement.

“I think that’s an astute observation,” Nolan said. “There is something about the permanence of these things. I’m standing on Clint Eastwood’s name right now and there’s something about knowing that he actually wrote that. There’s something very interesting about that phenomenon of trying to preserve something and trying to hang onto it.”

Also starring Tom Hardy and Marion Cotillard, The Dark Knight Rises hits regular and IMAX theaters on July 20th.

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