The Amazing Spider-Man Takes in $7.5 Million in Midnights

This is similar to what Spider-Man 3 took in at midnight on May 4, 2007, and that ended up making $59.8 million its opening Friday on its way to a record-setting opening weekend of $151 million. Today being Tuesday may lower that amount considerably even with most schools being out and people leaving work early for the 4th of July holiday tomorrow. We couldn’t find reports on what Spider-Man 2, the last installment to open over the Independence Day week, did in midnights but it made $40.4 million its opening day.

By comparison, Michael Bay’s original Transformers did $8.8 million in midnights (including 10pm previews) when it opened on the same day five years ago. Its sequel Transformers: Rise of the Fallen made $16.6 in midnight screenings alone while last year’s Transformers: Dark of the Moon did $13.5 million (again including previous night previews).’s box office guru The Weekend Warrior predicted an opening day of $27 to 30 million for The Amazing Spider-Man earlier today, but with $7.5 million already in the bank, it should definitely be on the higher side of that amount if not closer to the opening day of Spider-Man 2.

Stay tuned tomorrow and over the rest of the week for more updates on how The Amazing Spider-Man is doing compared to previous installments, and if you’ve seen the movie, make sure to let us know What You Think.