Comics: Preview of Gambit #1

Written by James Asmus with Art by Clay Mann, the series will focus solely on Remy and his exploits as a thief.

When asked about the qualities we’ll see in Remy in the new series, writer James Asmus offered this: He’s the rarest kind of anti-hero. Sure he’s haunted and flawed, but he still has a sense of humor and joie de vivre. So his exploits let me play with some more complex moral questions without losing the electric energy and pop thrills that comics can deliver better than any other medium.”

Though he didn’t offer specifics, Asmus also spoke on the threats that Gambit will be facing: Gambit’s about to have a whole string of problems that all stem from one time he lets himself go back to being a crook to blow off a little steam. What he thinks will be one night of bad behavior is going to bring an ancient curse, foreign super-spies, a cosmic threat, a new femme fatale, and more crashing into his life. But Gambit’s biggest threat is going to be himself and his own worst impulses.”

And if you’re worried that you’ll need to buy all the X-books to get the full story or to know more about Gambit, worry not… The first few arcs are designed to be all you need as a reader. We’re trying to be very friendly to people who love the character but may have fallen away for any reason, including an over-full pull list. But also, the stuff Gambit will be up to in this book are things he does not want his fellow X-Men to find out about. I do hope as things ratchet up later in our first year, you’ll see signs of it in the other titles. But I want to deliver complete, tight, and fully satisfying stories in GAMBIT itself.”

Check out these page samples from the upcoming first issue which will hit comic shop shelves August 8th.