Comics: Thanos Mini-Series Announced

Chances are you saw The Avengers this summer and if you did, you saw the big old grin that belonged to Thanos there in the credits. They’re continuing to spread awareness on the character, as he has recently appeared in the “Avengers Assemble” comic book and his original debuts are being reprinted. But now he’s getting his own all new story.

According to USA Today, he will star in Thanos: Son of Titan this October, an all new mini-series detailing his origins from writer Joe Keatinge and artist Richard Elson.

“It is about how Thanos came to be,” says Joe Keatinge, “I don’t go Forrest Gump on it, but aspects of the Marvel Universe have been born that directly turn Thanos into who he is.
He’s our Darth Vader, our Sauron, with a wonderfully massive and abrasive ego, says Associate editor Sana Amanat, Heroes have yet to figure out what his weakness is, and because of that, the journey to his destruction — or maybe redemption? — will be the stuff that epic stories are made of.”
More details as this one develops, but it already sounds like it could be really cool.