Marvel: Avengers Alliance Adds Spider-Man-Themed Items

In advance of the July 3rd premiere of The Amazing Spider-Man, Marvel has launched three new Spider-Man-themed items in the hit Facebook game, Marvel: Avengers Alliance.  The new items include: the Spider-Sense Injector, the Web Grenade, and Way of the Spider, all of which you can check out below:

Spider-Sense Injector: A quick action gear item that applies Spider-Sense to the Agent, greatly increasing evasion and giving the agent an extra turn if attacked.  This item can only be obtained by clicking the posted link on the Amazing Spider-Man Facebook fan page later today.

Web Grenade:  Is a giftable powerup item that damages a single enemy 15% – 25% of his max health and applies “Webbed” status to the enemy, reducing the target’s attack and defense.  It can be found on the game’s gifts page.

Way of the Spider: Applies “Great Responsibility” on an ally, giving them a chance to protect an ally from an oncoming attack, and then changing to “Great Power” (50% damage boost to next attack).  This power is identical to the one already possessed by Spider-Man in the game.