Chronicle’s Josh Trank Eyed for Fantastic Four

Trank makes his big screen directorial debut with Chronicle on February 3rd and, with it, already has a connection to both the studio and the superhero genre.

Fantastic Four, Marvel’s self-proclaimed “World’s Greatest Comic Magazine”, first hit the stands in 1961. Its debut is generally considered the beginning of the “silver age” of comics and the real beginning of the Marvel Comics universe that exists to this day.

The property has been adapted twice before for the big screen with Fantastic Four in 2005 and Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer in 2007. Both were directed by Tim Story. A 1994 feature-length version was also infamously produced by Roger Corman and never released.

Trank’s involvement in the reboot is likely contingent on Chronicle‘s box office performance and a decision is not expected to be reached until next month at the earliest.