Tom Hiddleston on Returning as Loki

One of the big breakouts this year, at least when it comes to superhero movies, is Tom Hiddleston’s portrayal of Loki in Marvel Studios’ Thor and he’ll be returning next summer as the villain of Joss Whedon’s The Avengers.

At the press junket for Steven Spielberg’s War Horse, SuperHeroHype got to talk to Hiddleston about the role that kicked off an amazing year and has made him somewhat of a household name especially among the ladies, who clearly love their bad boys.

“The whole Loki thing is just so exciting,” he told us. “It is quite surreal, because I never expected it to be so fervent, for the passion to be so intense and one always hopes one’s work is going to be appreciated, but my God it’s a compliment that people have responded to what I did and everybody who’s written letters say such lovely things like ‘I really understood what Loki was going through and I understood his emotional predicament’ so it’s pretty great.”

“It’s nice to come back, like an old friend,” he said about his return for The Avengers. “When I came back to do ‘Avengers,’ I’d gone off and done F. Scott Fitzgerald and Captain Nicholls and Freddie Page in the ‘Deep Blue Sea’ and when I came back to Loki I was like, ‘Hey, man, how’s it going?'”

The question on most minds is whether we’ll see Loki in Thor 2 – as if you could keep him away. It certainly sounds like Loki won’t be dying in The Avengers, so Hiddleston will have a chance to work with new director Patty Jenkins and he shared his thoughts on what he feels she’ll bring to the table:

“I had dinner with some of the executives at Marvel and Chris Hemsworth and Patty in London and she’s amazing, really. She’s the most incredibly fearless director and has a really inate understanding of the muscularity of a character like Thor. I’m not just saying he’s jacked-up. I mean, the character itself has an enormously muscular, visceral, emotional complexity and Patty understands it, and she understands it in her bones.”

When we spoke with Thor director Kenneth Branagh a few weeks back, we suggested that maybe he could have an acting role in the sequel since he wasn’t directing, and Hiddleston agreed with us that it was a good idea without necessarily confirming that he would put in a good word.

“Let’s hope Patti thinks he’s worth it ’cause I think he is,” he said with his usual charm.

Look for our full video interview with Hiddleston over on sometime before War Horse is released on December 25.