Akira Casting Rumors Abound!

THR has posted a massive casting report on some of what’s going on around town, including two potential candidates for Tetsuo, who acquires deadly telekinetic powers after encountering a government experiment. They name Ezra Miller, the teen actor who has been getting rave notices for his role in We Need to Talk About Kevin and Alden Eherenreich, who made an impressive debut in Francis Ford Coppola’s Tetro, as two possible candidates.

Meanwhile, Deadline are claiming the exclusive on Christopher Nolan’s Commissioner Gordon, Gary Oldman, being in line to play the Colonel, the military leader assigned to take down Tetsuo once they realize he may have enormous power.

THR also has mentioned both Helena Bonham Carter and Keira Knightley as actresses who have been approached for the movie in undisclosed roles.