Batman: Year One to Feature Catwoman Short

Eliza Dushku, who voices Selina Kyle in the feature, will also offer her skills for the short, which sees Catwoman chasing a newly-created character, Rough Cut (John DiMaggio) across Gotham City.

"I found the attitude for this character deep down in the Eliza Dushku archive of bad girls," Dushku tells TV Guide, "They're in there somehow, somewhere for some reason, and I tap into them when I need them. They're characters with an edge."

Batman: Year One, adapting the classic story by Frank Miller and David Mazzucchelii, also features the voicework of Ben McKenzie as Bruce Wayne, Bryan Cranston as James Gordon, Katee Sackoff as Detective Sarah Essen and Alex Rocco as Carmine Falcone.