Exclusive: Angela Bassett Talks Green Lantern

“I hope so,” Bassett said with an excited grin when asked if there was a chance for the character to move on to other DC Universe adaptations.

First appearing in DC Comics’ “Legends” in 1986, Waller lead the Suicide Squad, a government-sponsored task force comprised of former supervillains. Her role since then has primarily been devoted to monitoring and controlling the super-powered populace, making sure that superheroes never become the government can’t control.

Waller was, most famously, voiced by C.C.H. Pounder in the TV series “Justice League Unlimited” with the actress reprising the role for the direct-to-DVD film Superman/Batman: Public Enemies. She was also portrayed on the small screen by Pam Grier in episodes of “Smallville”.

Though it has been said that The Dark Knight Rises and Man of Steel will remain in separate continuities from one another, there has been no specific word as to how Green Lantern might relate to the latter or if characters from the film, like Waller, might continue on into other upcoming works (such as Justice League).

Green Lantern hits theaters on June 17th.