WB Animation to Tackle The Dark Knight Returns?

 Warner Bros. Animation has been turning out a consistently impressive lineup of DC Universe direct-to-DVD titles and, if rumors pan out, they may be prepping one of their most exciting films yet. Bleeding Cool reports that the studio is in the early stage of developing Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns for an animated feature.

Widely considered to be one of the most influential comic books of all time, Miller’s 1986 tale depicted an aged Batman carrying on his fight for justice in a dystopian future, offering Miller’s own take on the socipolitics of the ’80s.

The world of The Dark Knight Returns was previously adapted for an episode of "The New Batman Adventures" in 1998. The story, entitled "Legends of the Dark Knight", featured a group of children offering their own Rashomon-inspired take the caped crusader. In addition to one based on Miller’s version of the character, another segment involved the 1940’s Batman of artist Dick Sprang.

Miller’s subsquent Batman story, 1987’s Batman: Year One, is also planned for an animated feature and is rumored to debut at this year’s Comic-Con.