Two More Thor Clips Revealed!

Here’s Ben’s description of the two clips shown:

The first follows on from Thor’s banishment. Odin has fallen into a coma, known as an Odinsleep, consequently Loki has assumed the throne of Asgard. While he seems to have done so out of necessity, he has a sinister manner, reinforced when the Warriors Three and Sif come to plead for Thor’s return from exile.

Loki, resplendent in shiny helmet and armour, and sat on Odin’s throne, initially explains rationally that ‘My first order can’t be to undo my father’s last,’ a response almost accepted by the warriors come to plead on Thor’s behalf. Before leaving, however, one of the warriors turns back, once more pleading the case for Thor. In response, Loki snaps and angrily refuses.

The second clip has Thor being interrogated by agent Coulson after his capture while trying to reclaim Mjollnir. He is sat in a white room, apparently within the compound which has been erected around the hammer, while Coulson talks at him. Parts of this scene seem familiar from footage we’ve already seen, but this seems to be an earlier segment.

After a brief period Coulson leaves the room, which should leave Thor alone, but it doesn’t. As Thor looks back up, Loki appears, come to reveal to his brother that their father is dead, and that he has assumed the role of king of Asgard. The scene is an interesting indicator of the nature of their relationship. It would appear to be cordial, and trusting, at least at this early stage in the movie.

On hearing the news of his father’s demise, Thor asks Loki if he might be permitted to return to Asgard. Loki refuses, claiming that ‘The truce with Jötunheimr is conditional upon your exile.’ Given that Loki is the film’s main villain, it’s remarkable how sympathetic a character he is in this scene – no hint of things to come at all, even though he may well be lying to Thor about the possibility of his return.

Loki disappears shortly before Coulson reenters. Meanwhile, as Coulson continues to question Thor, Loki appears in the enclosure of the hammer, apparently unnoticed by the countless S.H.I.E.L.D. agents guarding and experimenting on it. He tries to lift Mjollnir from the earth, but in spite of his accession to the throne of Asgard, he proves incapable of budging the weapon.

In the Q ‘n’ A that followed, Tom Hiddleston compared the film to “Gladiator, inside Star Wars,” and Chris Hemsworth said about the film that he was “blown away by the visual world they created when we were shooting. We were very lucky to have amazing sets to work on.”

Thor opens in theaters on May 6.