WonderCon: Spider-Man: Edge of Time Trailer Hits

The trailer for the upcoming fall release Spider-Man: Edge of Time  is now available online and viewable in the player below, following its debut over the weekend at San Francisco’s WonderCon. 

The Activision game boasts an epic time travel storyline written by fan-favorite Peter David that teams up Peter Parker with Miguel O’Hara, the Spider-Man of 2099. SuperHeroHype went behind the scenes with some of the game’s designers at WonderCon to check out the actual gameplay.

As you can see in the trailer, the storyline involves a villain traveling back from 2099 and altering history to the point that O’Hara reaches out through time to his only hope: the Spider-Man of 2011. In the new timeline, though, Peter is cursed by the Parker luck and happens to be doing quite well for himself, working a cushy job at a high-tech company called Alchemax. When he’s told that this isn’t the timeline it’s supposed to be, Peter isn’t completely sold on trusting Miguel.

The level showcased for press falls at the start of the game and has Peter working his way up the enormously tall Alchemax skyscraper while Miguel works his way down. A picture-in-picture in the bottom corner allows for both timeframes to be seen at once and changing elements in the past as Peter will actually affect things when you’re playing in the future as Miguel.

The designers wanted to make clear that "Edge of Time" is not intended as a sequel to the popular "Shattered Dimensions" game and is, instead, a brand new take on the character, featuring levels and in-game challenges specifically designed to fit with the character of Spider-Man. That is, web-slinging and wall-crawling will play every bit as much a role as hand-to-hand combat. 

Watch the trailer below and check out our gallery of screens from the game by clicking here.