Showtime to Adapt Chew

 Launched in 2009, the ongoing series is written by John Layman and illustrated by Rob Guillory. It deals with a police detective, Tony Chu, who happens to be a “cibopath,” someone with the supernatural ability to gain a psychic impression of an object by eating it. Throughout his investigations, Chu comes up against a variety of other people with different food-related abilities.

The article suggests that “Chew” will go into development as a half-hour series with the pilot to be directed and executive produced by Stephen Hopkins. While Hopkin’s career began on the big screen with films like Predator 2 and Lost in Space, he has since made a name for himself on a television, supplying the pilot for “Californication” and “The Unusuals” and directing episodes of “Shameless” and “24” as well as well as the 2004 TV movie “The Life and Death of Peter Sellers.”