Viggo Mortensen Eyed for Superman?

Don’t jump to any conclusions quite yet, though. Zod’s involvement in the storyline is unconfirmed, and Mortensen’s connection to the role is tenuous at best. The original article lists him as a “person of interest,” but he’s also rumored to be up for the lead in Snow White and the Hunstman, a project that would certainly preclude his involvement in the DC Comics adaptation.

Also included in the original article is the rumor that Snyder is currently casting for three female roles. If Zod is, indeed, in the script, one of those roles is likely that of the previously-rumored Ursa who, in both the comics and previous films, was Zod’s right-hand woman.

While other recent reports have rumored Kevin Costner in the role of Jonathan Kent (Clark’s father), the only confirmed bit of casting at this stage remains Henry Cavill as the man of steel of himself. Expect that to change shortly, though, as production will begin very soon for a December 2012 release.