Anne Hathaway’s Dark Knight Rises Costume Test “Phenomenal”

“Yeah.. She’s phenomenal,” said Pfister when asked if he shot the Catwoman screentest, “This is something she wanted and wanted to show Chris, ‘I’m the one for this job’ and she did an incredible job… and she looked phenomenal in the wardrobe. It’s going to be amazing with her.”

Later, Connelly tried to clarify that the test did, indeed, involve Catwoman and not just Selina Kyle, but was unable to achieve confirmation.

“I’ll get fired and I won’t even get to shoot the picture!” Pfister laughed, “I can’t really [say], but I definitely want to be around next year.”

Pfister also addressed various rumors, including shooting down the idea that any the production would take place in New Orleans and also commented on the recent internet rumor that Robin Williams would be joining the cast in the part of Hugo Strange.

“I haven’t even heard that,” he said, genuinely surprise, “Look, they have to keep a lot of secrets from me anyway… I don’t really know. They can turn around and surprise me, too. When I saw the list of girls that we were going to be screen-testing before they cast Anne, I didn’t know myself who was real and who wasn’t until about two days before the test…”

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