New Images From the Thor: God of Thunder Game

Marvel has updated its official site with brand new images from Thor: God of Thunder as well as an interview with the star of the Thor film, Chris Hemsworth.
The actor, when asked about playing the Norse God, explains that he took inspiration from Hermann Hesse’s “Siddhartha.”
“It’s about a person who goes through all these temptations,” Hemsworth told the site, “‘Thor,’ in effect, is different from ‘Siddhartha,’ but it’s a human being trying to find out his purpose and how he’s going to go about his life. Ken [Branagh] said, ‘Look, this is just a bright book that I love. It might give you something for the film or just personally.’ I love it, it’s certainly one of my favorite books.”
Hemsworth also talks about his diet and exercise regimen, including adding 20 pounds of muscle mass for the role. Though he admits that he’s since lost the additional weight, the actor will presumably be resuming his workout in preparation for The Avengers.
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