Marc Guggenheim on The Flash’s Darker Tone

Continuing their interview from earlier this week, MTV’s Splash Page discussed the in-development Flash film with comic book author and screenwriter Marc Guggenheim, who reiterated that the current screenplay has a darker, crime element and will focus on the investigational side of its lead.

"When Barry Allen was the character, he was a science policeman," Guggenheim explains, "We’re obviously updating that and now he’s in forensics and CSI. The tone is sort of darker, and more like ‘Seven’ and ‘Silence of the Lambs’ in that mysterious and noir-ish way, which is also working in conjunction with the superhero elements… There’s also an element of a sports movie, because the character is so physical and I feel like there is an athleticism to his power that other superheroes don’t have."

Though Guggenheim also acknowledges that the Flash has some of comicdom’s most colorful villains, he remains mum on which of them may make it to the big screen when development on The Flash moves forward.