The Green Lantern Easter Eggs You Won’t See Next Summer

Though you’ll finally get to see Hal Jordan taking the lead in a live-action feature film next summer, there were a few surprises written into the Green Lantern script that, sadly, never made it to production. MTV Splash Page had a chat with writer Marc Guggenheim about some of the cool things that won’t be hitting the big screen in 2011.

First up, a long-rumored Clark Kent cameo was, indeed, written into the script, but dropped after several drafts. Likewise, Guggenheim confirms one member of the Green Lantern Corps who will not be appearing is Ch’p, the furry squirrel-like member from the planet H’Iven.

Neverthless, Guggenheim promises a great many inside jokes for the die-hard fan and, having seen "a fair amount" of the film, has nothing but praise for the final product.

Green Lantern hits both 2D and 3D theaters on June 17, 2011.