Rhys Ifans Will Be…. The Lizard?

According to TheWrap, they’ve figured out who the villain in Marc Webb’s Untitled Spider-Man Reboot will be, as played by the recently-announced Rhys Ifans, and it’s a villain that’s been discussed to be in the fourth movie even back when Sam Raimi was still going to direct it… The Lizard!

In the previous trilogy, The Lizard’s alter-ego Dr. Curt Connors was played by actor Dylan Baker, who had originally assumed he would be returning for Raimi’s fourth movie, saying that the Lizard would indeed be next, but when it was decided to reboot the franchise and Marc Webb was brought on board, it was thought that maybe those plans had changed.

Who knows if and when Sony Pictures will make their own announcement confirming this (or not) or we find out who leaked this information? (Andrew Garfield was in London for the premiere of his new film Never Let Me Go tonight, so maybe that’s where it came from? TheWrap ain’t sayin’.)

Either way, as fans who have been waiting for nearly ten months to find out more about what will happen with this reboot, let us know what you think of this choice.