New Megamind Character Posters

HeyUGuys! in the UK has scored a solid week of Megamind character poster debuts, the first three of which are now online. 
Megamind, slated to hit theaters on November 5th, stars Will Ferrell as the title villain, a blue-skinned evil genius with plans to thwart his nemesis, the hero of Metro City, Metro Man (Brad Pitt). Used to the status quo of good triumphing over evil, Megamind is completely taken off guard when one of his plans actually works and quickly finds that you have to be careful what you wish for.
Posters are now available for Megamind himself, Metro Man and, as seen below, Minion (David Cross), one of Megamind’s loyal hench-creatures, featuring the brain of a talking piranha and the body of a robot gorilla.
Click on the poster below to check out the rest: