Scott Cranford and his Heroic Ambition

HeroicWorld Productions has announced the release of the new superhero entertainment documentary Heroic Ambition.  Executive produced by Scott Cranford, the film was written and directed by Cranford, founder of and former official "Superman" of Metropolis, Illinois. Using character types found in the world of Superman, Cranford has created a film that gives an entertaining and revealing look behind one of the biggest superhero entertainment events in the country.

An actor from Los Angeles, Cranford was selected to play the Man of Steel in a nationwide casting search held by the Metropolis Chamber of Commerce for their annual Superman Celebration. 

“For eight years, I flew from Los Angeles to Metropolis to portray the Man of Steel for the annual Superman Celebration,” Cranford remembers. “Since the first year I portrayed Superman, I wanted to make a documentary [about it]. A month before my last year playing Superman, I felt it was the right time to pursue the documentary.”  Cranford gathered film footage of his Superman-related activities while wearing the requisite blue uniform and red cape for Metropolis.

The documentary uncovers the ambition of the city of Metropolis, Illinois and the people surrounding the Annual Superman Celebration. The city of Metropolis holds the title of being the official city of Superman and has been celebrating the Man of Steel annually for 32 years.

“This documentary is my Superman film,” says the writer/director. “From the onset, my goal was not necessarily to make a great documentary but to make a great Superman movie and I feel I have achieved this.”

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Thousands visit the real city of Metropolis annually to celebrate the world's first Superhero -- Superman, The Man of Steel. Witness the ideals of several archetypes within Superman's Universe. Meet the residents of Metropolis and the visitors to one of the biggest superhero entertainment events in the country. Share the excitement, the controversy and the ambition as expert insights offer different sides to what goes on behind the scenes of the celebration for the world's most legendary comic book hero.

Heroric Ambition is is now available on DVD at