Eva Longoria Debunks The Wasp Rumors

Eva Longoria takes the sting out of all the buzzing about her playing The Wasp in either The Avengers or Ant-Man: she told SuperHeroHype today that she has not been approached to play Janet van Dyne, but she’d might consider yelling "Avengers Assemble!" if Marvel Studios gives her a call.

"I keep hearing about that," Longoria said on the Wisteria Lane set of her TV series "Desperate Housewives." "I think it’s an Internet rumor as of now… I love comics stuff. I do, I think it’s fun, but I don’t know anything about that character. I don’t know who or what that is."

"I think it’s a fantastic rumor!" she added with a laugh. "We’re just going to go with it. Maybe it’ll get me hired!"

The actress has an idea about just how her named got mistakenly attached to tiny, winged, superheroine-slash-fashionista. "I had taken a meeting about a different movie at Marvel, and that’s where the rumor started," she said. "When I was walking out, paparazzi caught me walking out and they thought I was going in to meet about that."

Since the notion came up, Longoria hasn’t had a chance to check out The Wasp, despite some assurances that she might actually be perfect for the part. "I know she’s small!" she laughed. "I’ve got to talk to somebody about that. I’ve got to Google her."