D.C. Comics Legend Dick Giordano, Dead at 77

SuperHeroHype is sad to report the passing of D.C. Comics great Dick Giordano (1932 – 2010), who began working at the company in the late ’60s as an editor, but whose popularity hit its stride when he inked Neal Adams’ run of Batman and the classic Green Lantern/Green Arrow team-up series of the ’70s. Giordano also inked the very first Marvel/DC inter-company crossover Superman vs. the Amazing Spider-Man in 1978 and inked Adams on the even more unconventional one-shot Superman vs. Muhammad Ali.

During the ’70s, Giordano worked with Neal Adams at Continuity Studios to nurture many young artists, then returned to DC in 1980 to help bring forth a new wave of creativity for the company. Giordano was highly responsible for bringing the characters from Charlton Comics, where he was formerly editor-in-chief, over to DC Comics, which ultimately led to Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons creating the Watchmen mini-series. As an artist, he was also involved in the ’80s event Crisis on Infinite Earths and inked John Byrne’s pencils when he was hired by DC to reinvent Superman with The Man of Steel. Giordano’s monthly editorial column "Meanwhile…" ran in most DC Comics during the the ’80s as well.

Giordano semi-retired in 1993 but appeared from time to time, whether it was part of the launch of the short-lived Future Comics with David Michelinie and Bob Layton or drawing issues of The Phantom.

Giordano succumbed to pneumonia on March 27, presumably complications from the leukemia, COPD and emphysema from which he had been suffering.

Source: Various Sources