The Brave and the Bold

James Gunn Clarifies Batman: Brave and the Bold Release Date Rumors

DC’s The Brave and the Bold isn’t waiting for Matt Reeves’ Batman trilogy to conclude before releasing.

On Threads, James Gunn shared a post commemorating the anniversary of when he and Peter Safran announced the first slate of movies and television series in the forthcoming DCU.

“One year ago today Peter Safran & I introduced our DC slate for the 1st time – thanks to all of you for the support you’ve given us throughout the year,” James Gunn wrote. “Today, Superman Legacy is about to start production, episodes of Creature Commandos are being finished that will release later this year, at least 2 more projects are gearing up to go in the next couple months, amazing scripts keep coming in, & incredible talent are being attached to new projects, planned & unplanned. Thank you!!”

In the comments, Gunn was asked if it was true that The Brave and the Bold, a new movie about Batman and his son Damian Wayne/Robin, would be released only after Reeves’ Batman trilogy concludes.

Gunn simply responded, “No.”

What else do we know about The Brave and the Bold?

The Brave and the Bold is being directed by Andy Muschietti, who previously helmed 2023’s The Flash. The cast for the upcoming DCU movie has not yet been announced.

“The introduction of the DCU’s Batman is The Brave and the Bold,” Gunn said when the project was announced. “The Brave and the Bold is a story of Batman and his actual son, Damian Wayne. This is based on Grant Morrison’s great comic book run. Damian Wayne is my favorite Robin. He’s a little assassin who Batman tries to get in line. This is the story of the two of them and the beginning of sort of the Bat-Family in the DCU.”

Reeves’ sequel to 2022’s The Batman, meanwhile, is currently scheduled to release on October 3, 2025.