Charlie Hunnam Rebel Moon
Credit: Netflix

Charlie Hunnam on Rebel Moon: ‘I’ve Never Had an Experience Like This’

Rebel Moon star Charlie Hunnam spoke about the experience of playing the character Kai in Zack Snyder’s space opera.

Speaking with ComingSoon, Hunnam extolled Snyder‘s character writing and described his own process of playing the character, which had the actor “offering his body” while the character did “all the work.”

“Sometimes, with a character that’s not well-written, there are holes in the logic, there are holes in the psychology, and you have to work fairly hard to fill in the blanks and to make sure it feels like a real character and a fully realized human being. None of that was true in this. I don’t think, for any of our characters,” Hunnam explained.

“Although a character description might be brief or they might not say very much through the course of the film, it was very evident that Zack knew exactly who that person was in the context of the human condition. They were real people that were peppered through this larger-than-life universe that he created. So I just trusted that. Honestly, I didn’t really do anything, to be honest. I’ve never had an experience like this where I just knew who the character was so well when I read it. It was a collaboration between me and the character where I offered my body and he did all the work. [Laughs].”

Is Rebel Moon out now?

Rebel Moon – Part One is now playing in limited theaters and is available to stream through Netflix.

“A peaceful colony on the edge of the galaxy is threatened by the armies of a tyrannical regent named Balisarius,” reads the film’s synopsis. “The desperate civilians dispatch Kora, a young woman who has a mysterious past, to seek out warriors from nearby planets to help them challenge the regent.”