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Emily Blunt Gives an Edge of Tomorrow 2 Update

Edge of Tomorrow star Emily Blunt gave a less-than-optimistic update on the status of the long-in-development sequel.

While appearing on Variety‘s Awards Circuit Podcast, Blunt expressed interest in returning for the sequel to Doug Liman’s 2014 sci-fi action movie and why the busy schedule of star Tom Cruise continues to hold up production.

“Doug and I talk all the time about it,” Blunt said. “I know Tom wants to do it, hopefully, at some point. But it’s timing, but it’s also been ten years since we made it … There was an amazing script in the works, but I think it would only have worked if we shot it eight years ago. I’m not saying we’re that ancient, but you have to factor in it’s been ten years.”

What is Edge of Tomorrow about?

Based on the 2004 Japanese light novel All You Need Is Kill by Hiroshi Sakurazaka, Edge of Tomorrow was set in a futuristic Germany where humans are at war with an alien race occupying all of Europe. When public affairs Major Cage (Cruise) with no combat experience gets thrust into battle, an exposure to alien blood causes him to experience a time loop reliving the same day after death. Cage’s only help is war hero Sgt. Vrataski (Blunt) who trains him for battle.

Upon release, Edge of Tomorrow was met with a lukewarm box office reception. Additionally, Liman felt the title was not strong enough and pushed Warner Bros. to rename the movie Live Die Repeat. Critics, however, gave Edge of Tomorrow universal praise. The film found success on home video under the renamed title Live Die Repeat: Edge of Tomorrow.

In 2019, Warner Bros. announced an Edge of Tomorrow sequel with the working title Live Die Repeat and Repeat. Liman and Cruise were announced to return with script rewrites by Matthew Robinson. Though there has not been an update since the studio’s announcement, Blunt told the Happy Sad Confused podcast this past summer she’s ready to return when the call comes in.

“I would love to make it a reality, but I just don’t know when or how,” Blunt said.