Brandon Lee in The Crow 1994
(Photo Credit: Lionsgate)

The Crow Reboot Producer Envisions Crow Extended Universe

One producer of the reboot of The Crow believes it could kickstart an extended universe. This could lead to a franchise built around different super-powered vigilantes.

Producer Sam Pressman made this bold prediction in an interview with Deadline. Based on the graphic novel by James O’Barr, 1994’s The Crow starred Brandon Lee in the title role. The film tells the story of a young man named Eric, who dies violently alongside his girlfriend. Guided back to the land of the living by a crow, Eric seeks revenge on his murderers. Pressman noted that The Crow is unique as a property, being neither a typical superhero story nor a traditional studio movie.

The Crow has been a very central and integral part of our company and I’m really proud of the progress and the work that has been done,” Pressman proclaimed. “Our partners want to approach it in a very 360 way, whether it be video games, an animated series or a universe.” It is Pressman’s belief that the character possesses a “cosmic legacy that can expand beyond a singular story.”

Why The Crow Can Support a Franchise

The original The Crow inspired three film sequels and a television series in 1998. However, none of sequels featured the same protagonist. Each film centered around a different young man seeking vengeance upon his killers.

Given that, it would be easy for Lionsgate to redevelop The Crow reboot into an extended universe. The studio could sign new creators to develop each installment, avoiding the problems inherent to other long-term franchises. This could lead to multimedia beyond the films, including games, streaming series or animated works.

The long-awaited reboot of The Crow, which stars Bill Skarsgård in the title role, is expected to be released sometime in 2024.