The cast of Rebel Moon in a field.
The cast of Rebel Moon in a field.

Rebel Moon: Why Zack Snyder Wanted to Avoid One of Star Wars’ Oldest Tropes

Rebel Moon director Zack Snyder reveals how his sci-fi space opera is very different from Star Wars by tweaking one aspect of his fictional universe.

The veteran filmmaker explained during a conversation with Screen Rant that he didn’t want one single planet to set the culture and aesthetic of the whole film. “I always laugh that in Star Wars, it just so happens that the native costumes of this weird Tatooine, this weird planet in the middle of nowhere, happen to be the fashion of the entire universe. I thought they were very particular. I guess that’s fine,” Snyder said.

The Justice League director elaborated that he wanted more variety in Rebel Moon, given that the laws of sci-fi allow for any number of strange fashions and design choices.

“When you make a sci-fi movie, it’s like, ‘Okay, well, what is the world? What does the home planet look like?’ They could all be wearing neon jumpsuits and who knows. There’s a million examples. It could be 1984. It could be something. I like the idea of everything is terrestrially inspired because I feel like it makes it really relatable.”

From Star Wars to Rebel Moon

Starting out life as a pitch for a more gritty take on Star Wars, Snyder’s Rebel Moon ultimately grew into its own universe, one that he hopes to turn into a franchise as successful as Lucasfilm‘s monolithic saga. The story follows Kora, a young warrior played by Sofia Boutella, who sets out a journey to gather a group of powerful mercenaries in an effort to defeat an evil intergalactic empire from claiming her home planet as its own.

Rebel Moon Part I: A Child of Fire is slated to premiere on Netflix on December 22. Part 2: The Scargiver will arrive in 2024.