Madame Web

Sydney Sweeney Talks Madame Web Role

Madame Web star Sydney Sweeney has confirmed her mystery role in the latest installment of Sony’s Spider-Man Universe franchise.

Who is Sydney Sweeney playing in Madame Web?

Sweeney spoke to Variety about her success on HBO’s Euphoria, her production company, and her rising star in Hollywood. While speaking about her upcoming Marvel movie, Sweeney confirmed that she will take on the role of Julia Carpenter — aka Spider-Woman — opposite Dakota Johnson in the title role of Madame Web. Sweeney was thrilled to take on the iconic Marvel character.

“I was freaking out, of course,” Sweeney said. “I went straight to the comic store, and I bought every comic that mentioned my character.”

Julia Carpenter was the second character to become Spider-Woman when she made her Marvel Comics debut in the pages of Secret Wars in 1984. Carpenter was tricked by her college roommate to be a test subject for an experiment conducted by The Commission on Superhuman Activities. Accidentally injected with spider venom and exotic plants, Carpenter gained the same superpowers as Spider-Man and joined the Wall-Crawler alongside the Avengers during the Secret Wars storyline.

Directed by S.J. Clarkson (Netflix’s Jessica Jones, The Defenders), Madame Web will follow the origin story of Cassandra Webb (Johnson), the clairvoyant that allows her to see into the “spider world.” Despite the commercial failure of Sony’s Morbius and the negative critical reception to Tom Hardy’s Venom movies, Sweeney has confidence that Madame Web will be praised for being more diverse than previous Sony Spider-Man Universe movies.

“I think it’s different from what people expect a superhero movie to be,” Sweeney said. “Quote that! That’s a quote, because the tabloids will pick up everything else we talk about.”

Madame Web is scheduled to arrive in theaters on February 14, 2024.