The Justice League leaping into action
The Justice League leaping into action

James Gunn Confirms Animated DCU Movies Will Receive Theatrical Releases

DC Studios co-CEO James Gunn confirmed animated movies set within the DC Universe will premiere in theaters.

Responding to fans’ questions on his Threads account, Gunn was asked if the upcoming Crisis on Infinite Earths animated movie will factor into his rebooted franchise. After the filmmaker acknowledged that it would not, he was asked to further clarify whether future animated movies that did exist within the DCU would receive theatrical releases. Gunn simply replied “Yes,” providing no further information on the subject.

A Brand New DCU

Following Gunn’s takeover of DC’s cinematic universe alongside Peter Safran, the director and writer confirmed that animation would play a significant part in the franchise. The first entry in the DCU will be the animated series Creature Commandos, a show that will follow a cast of classic monsters and a human leader as they’re enlisted to fight in a variety of battles. This will then be followed by Gunn’s live-action film Superman: Legacy. Future projects are still largely under wraps but DC Studios has confirmed that fans can expect a Batman: The Brave and The Bold movie, a Swamp Thing film, a Wonder Woman series, and several more projects in what has been titled ‘Chapter One: Gods and Monsters.”

As for when fans can expect the DCU reboot finally take root, the details are still largely up in the air. While Gunn himself has acknowledged that Superman: Legacy will be the franchise’s first feature film, he has also stated that Blue Beetle will be the first official DCU character. Many fans have expressed confusion at the distinction, with many believing that Jaime Reyes will return in a future project. At the time of writing, this remains pure speculation.