James Gunn Justice League

James Gunn Debunks DCU Justice League Movie Rumor

DC Studios Co-CEO and Superman: Legacy director James Gunn has dispelled a rumor about an upcoming Justice League movie and the DC Universe.

What Justice League rumor did James Gunn debunk?

Gunn took to Threads to disprove the rumor, which was linked to Gunn through a ScreenRant article about the film’s announcement. The article, which has since been updated following Gunn’s response, noted that the Justice League: Crisis on Infinite Earths announcement tweet featured a “DC Universe Movie” tag, leading to speculation about the movie taking place in Gunn’s rebooted DCU.

When asked over Threads if it was true that the movie took place in the new DCU, Gunn responded with a straightforward, “No.”

James Gunn Justice League

Justice League: Crisis on Infinite Earths was announced this weekend at San Diego Comic-Con. The storyline it’s adapting, Crisis on Infinite Earths, was the first major event book in American comics history. Produced to coincide with DC Comics’ 50th anniversary, the story attempted to condense DC Comics’ sizeable multiverse into a single reality. It is perhaps the most influential story in DC Comics history, having inspired every major event that reset the DC Universe ever since.