Across the Spider-Verse Concept Art for MCU Spider-Man Cameo Revealed

Some Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse concept art has revealed an artist’s designs for one of the movie’s most surprising cameos.

Donald Glover’s Prowler Revealed

Artist Kris Anka, who was employed as one of the two Character Designers on Across the Spider-Verse, has been posting his original Across the Spider-Verse concept art for the film on Twitter. The latest post, which can be viewed below, depicted actor Donald Glover as The Prowler.

Glover’s cameo was one of the most surprising in a film packed with surprises and cameos. Glover briefly appeared, wearing the distinctive armor of The Prowler, as one of the variant Spider-Man villains who was being held for transport back to his Earth in the Spider Society headquarters. The sequence blended live-action and animation, much like Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, with Glover telling an astonished Miles Morales that “It’s rude to stare,” as Spider-Gwen and Spider-Punk argued over who captured that particular anomaly.

Glover’s appearance was more than just a quick sight gag. Glover previously played the MCU Aaron Davis, which is The Prowler’s secret identity, in Spider-Man: Homecoming. Kris Anka’s design sheets also designate Glover’s cameo character as “MCU Prowler.” However, Marvel Studios has yet to confirm that Glover’s character in Homecoming has been officially recognized as The Prowler of the MCU.

Glover’s cameo was also a way of honoring the actor for his role in inspiring the character of Miles Morales. In 2010, Glover lobbied online for the part of Peter Parker in The Amazing Spider-Man, arguing that there was no reason why the character couldn’t be Black. While Glover lost the role to Andrew Garfield, his campaign got the attention of comic book writer Brian Michael Bendis, who agreed with Glover’s sentiment and co-created the character of Miles Morales in response.

Glover went on to be the first actor to play Miles Morales, voicing him in the Ultimate Spider-Man animated series. This added another level of poignancy to his cameo, allowing him another chance to play Miles’ uncle, while bringing Kris Anka’s amazing images to life in the process.