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Report: Scrapped Batgirl Movie Was ‘Solid,’ Test Screener Gives New Details

A series of tweets from someone who saw the scrapped DC movie Batgirl at a test screening have revealed some new details about the film and its reported quality.

The user, @ViewerAnon, noted that they “snuck in” to a testing screening in Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles that took place before the movie “was canned” and came away from the movie feeling it was “solid.”

Going more into specifics on its quality, the user said Batgirl “wasn’t terrible by a long shot” and gave it a 6 out of 10, noting that the movie “just needed standard reshoots to tweak stuff.”

Citing a number of removed leaked images, ViewerAnon confirmed that Batgirl’s Gotham City looked like Tim Burton‘s Gotham from the 1989 movie Batman and its 1992 sequel, Batman Returns.

With Michael Keaton‘s Batman appearing in the movie, the user was asked if his character made any reference to the events of The Flash, which also featured Keaton in the role. Their response was, “Not that I remember, but it’s been awhile.”

Also regarding Keaton’s Batman, apparently he was “great but not in it very much,” with “only a few scenes” featuring him.

When asked about Oscar winning actor Brendan Fraser‘s performance as the DC villain Firefly, ViewerAnon said that he was great and the “best part of the movie.”

Apparently Batgirl also “set up its own sequel” and wouldn’t work as an Elseworlds movie since “without Keaton in The Flash’s ending … it would just confuse people.”

Finally, ViewerAnon was asked about if the movie explained how J.K. Simmons’ Commissioner Gordon and Michael Keaton’s Batman could exist in the same universe. This is referencing how the character was played by Pat Hingle in Tim Burton’s Keaton-led Batman movies.

The user said that this was “the aftermath of the original Flash ending where Barry created another universe,” stating that this universe “had elements from other universe mashed together,” explaining Keaton being in the same universe as the DCEU’s Gordon.

Who was going to star in the Batgirl movie?

Batgirl was set to star Leslie Grace (In the Heights) in the role of Barbara Gordon, the daughter of Gotham City police commissioner James Gordon, alongside Michael Keaton as Bruce Wayne/Batman, Brendan Fraser as the villainous Firefly, and more. The character of Batgirl was first seen in the 1967 Batman series with the late Yvonne Craig playing Barbara. Her first comic book appearance was in Detective Comics #357 by writer Gardner Fox and artist Carmine Infantino.